Product N Pricing

Dear Customers,

Our pricing is base on deco and flavors not by weight/kilo.
so please understand before you order,thank you.
(*) Prices is subject to change without notice.

Cupcakes :-
Starts from RM80 per 16 pcs fondant cupcakes- M size solo cup
(basic designs only) additional cost for customized deco.
RM125 per 25pcs fondant cupcakes -M size solo cup
RM 65 per 16 pcs edible image( read stocks) cuppies butter flavor
RM 80 per box of 16 pcs edible image (ready stock) cuppies  for cheese flavors.
price for customize edible image add RM25 to total cost. 

Wedding Fondant Cupcakes starts from RM150 onwards.

Price according to deco and flavor-for 3D figurine cupcakes .-
Minimum order for cuppies is 16pc starts from RM7.00 onwards (basic designs only) additional cost for customized deco.
Basic Buttercream Swirls minimum orders 16pcs RM3.50each.

Budget Cupcakes minimum order 100pcs

1. RM1.00 simple deco
2.RM2.50cents buttercream swirl
All orders must be at least 3-4 days in advance
and large orders 5 days advance. 

Cupcakes /Cakes/Mini Cakes Flavors :- Butter Vanilla/Chocolate/Red Velvet/Rainbow/Oreos/Strawberry/Blueberry/Lemon/

Coffee/Orange/Double Cadbury

Fondant Mini Cakes from:  

Minimum order 6pcs @  
RM 25,35,70,85 ...onwards depands on deco and flavor.
Size available - 3",4",5" (8" 9") wedding cakes sizes

Additional price for special deco, packaging for wedding,party favors pricing base on designs.

Rainbow Cake 1++kg
RM100 buttercream frosting  or RM130 creamcheese frosting
Red Velvet Cake 1++kg RM90. basic deco
Choc Moist 1++kg RM70
Fondant  Cake pricing depends on Deco and Flavors and Sizes.
Starts from RM100 onwards.

Additional price for special customize deco/ edible etc.

Cakes in jars : 
Min 6 jars RM7, RM9, Per jar Regular size 
RM10,RM12 (Large) per jars size.
Add RM1.00 for cheese flavor/ fresh fruits or Oreos etc..

Flavors- Cheesy Choc/Rainbow/Red Velvet/Choc Chunks/Oreos

Strawberry etc..your choice.

Budget Cup jars (minimum 50 cups)

RM 3.50 ( buttercream)per plastic cup with spoon and ribbon.
RM 4.50 (Rainbow/cheese/oreos and others).

Rental Tier for cupcakes.Tiers will deco following theme required.

3 tier RM 15 rental
4 tier Rm 20 rental
Deposit RM 50, and must return tier within 2 days to claim back deposit.

Mini Pavlova RM36 for 9pcs.
Small size Pavlova RM10 each minimum 2 packs.
Medium Pavlova 1 layer RM50,
2 layers RM60 each/ 3layers RM90 each.

CHEESECAKE:- size 8" baking pan

All orders must be confirm with 50% deposit

7 days before dateline and for wedding cakes 1 month before dateline.
Delivery Charges apply depending on area.

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